Care & 监护权

We deliver a range of critical public services to vulnerable adults within the 移民, 司法及护理界别. We believe public services should drive positive outcomes for 公民, as well as best value. Our people work closely with those in our care to ensure they are kept safe and treated with respect and dignity.


We are the largest provider of 移民 removal centre management and operations and secure escorting services (in-country and overseas) for the Home Office, 照顾超过1人,300名囚犯. We deliver prison facilities management services for the 司法部 and Forensic 医疗保健 and 监护权 Detention services to over 60 police custody suites across England and Wales.


Maintaining contact with family and friends is important to everyone within our 移民 removal centres. 访问时间的关键信息, policies and the booking process is available on our visitors pages.









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We deliver a range of care and custodial services for the Home Office, 司法部, NHS England and Police bringing private sector innovation to critical public services 交付.

我们是提供托管澳博官方网站的专家. 是内政部的战略合作伙伴, we support them in their work to effectively manage the 移民 detention estate and flows of detainees in and out of the country, 同时始终维护我们所照顾的人的福利.

我们在英国和海外提供安全的陪护澳博官方网站. This involves securely escorting detainees around the 移民 estate and back to their home countries of origin on scheduled and charter flights.

We also manage holding rooms and short term holding facilities at multiple air/sea ports and reporting centres throughout the UK, 与边境部队紧密合作.

We deliver essential Forensic Health and 监护权 Detention services into police custody suites and sexual assault referral centres across 16 Police forces in England and Wales. These include three integrated contracts delivering both forensic 医疗保健 and Liaison & 娱乐澳博官方网站. 我们的工作对象是成人和儿童 & Young People offering comprehensive services and onward referrals across key points of intervention in the criminal justice system, addressing a wide range of vulnerabilities which assist in the reduction of reoffending. In Northern Ireland we provide health services to the Immigration short term holding facility.

Working with the HM Prison Service, we’ve developed an integrated approach to facilities management. Our innovative approach is flexible and applicable across the whole range of HMPS custodial environments.

We deliver a full range of facilities management services at a number of prisons on behalf of the 司法部 including cleaning, 餐饮, 软硬设施管理.

Looking after the facilities management of these sites to a high standard means our customer can focus on what is really important to them – the welfare and security of those in their care.

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We offer self-delivered, end-to-end project services, from design and build through to commissioning. 经验丰富的总承包商, we manage and deliver a wide range of 建设 and refit work for our customers, 正好穿过广告, retail, 工业, 社会和国内房地产部门. Our in-house capabilities and specialist services include consultancy, design, 建设, 交付, 保证管理, 项目管理和风险管理.